Napa / Sonoma Chapter
WINO Alums---just a gentle reminder of the facts shown below, if you’ve been procrastinating a bit. It’s just over a week to our RSVP deadline. We’ve heard from only 17 WINO households so far:

CONFIRMED RSVP TO ATTEND: Arriaga (2); Przybycien (2); Abbott (4); Naab/Love (2); Larsh/Shank (2); Martin/Schwartz (2); Miller (1); Brown (1); Vanerstrom/Henderson (2); Kirichenko (1); Swanson/Davis (2); Hatten (2); Crane (1); Weck (2).

REGRETS: Couture; Lyons; Chiesa.

After RSVP-ing, remember to contact Sandra Weck directly (see below) about what to bring for the potluck, and to BYOB! Hope to see you soon. Thanks.

Rod for the Gang of Four

From: Rodrick Arriaga
Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2018 12:41 PM
To: Rodrick Arriaga
Subject: Napa/Sonoma WINO Reunion

Dear WINO alums---as previously announced, Dennis and Olga Przybycien will be hosting a summer reunion get-together at their home (4516 Grove St., Sonoma) on Saturday, July 14. The fun starts at 12 noon, and will not involve any wine tasting with outside providers. As in our past days, this will be a potluck enterprise. Dennis will do a BBQ of chicken and sausages. All you WINO’s are asked to provide the appetizers, sides/salads, and desserts. While Dennis will have some of his Tall Grass Ranch wines to sample, we’re asking all of you to bring a bottle of your favorite vintage to share for lunch. Once again, Sandra Weck has graciously agreed to coordinate the potluck, so be sure to contact her directly once you’ve RSVP-ed to me, so that we’ll have a balanced spread of victuals. (Sandra: 925-930-9351; PLEASE RSVP TO ME NO LATER THAN SATURDAY, JULY 7TH. Thanks!---Rod

Dear WINO’s---the purpose of this e-mail is to inform you all that our Dec. 9th celebration will be the final event of our WINO chapter administered by the fearsome foursome of Dennis & Olga & Rod & Rita. This will complete a full decade of efforts on behalf of our chapter, as we assumed the WINO mantle from Nancy Fisher at the start of 2008. It has been a satisfying ten years of wine and good fellowship. We find that the energy and enthusiasm with which we initially tackled the responsibilities of Chapter Directorship have been a bit on the wane for some time now, not that we don’t still thoroughly enjoy our quarterly interactions with all of you wonderful folks. It has become increasingly difficult to engage wineries and restaurants who welcome groups of our size while keeping a reasonable limit on our costs. More and more wineries have transitioned from family operations to corporate ventures, which complicates communications and flexibility.

That said, we dearly hope that as many of you as possible can join with the group in December for our “farewell tour”. We’ll be visiting wineries with tasting rooms on or near Sonoma Plaza, and lunching once again at the Depot Hotel restaurant. As in the past, we will draw on what surplus has accrued to subsidize the cost of the event for all of you. Full details of the celebration will reach you in several weeks’ time. Once we’ve settled all obligations after the December event, any remaining surplus on our books (there’s bound to be some) will be donated to an appropriate local North Bay charity for the benefit of the victims of the recent Wine Country Fires.

Despite our WINO “retirement”, we do currently expect to host a WINO chapter “reunion” next July, in the form of a pot-luck picnic up at Dennis and Olga’s Tall Grass Ranch digs in the hills above Sonoma. It will not involve any visitation of wineries; the wines will be only those of Dennis’ own production and any we bring ourselves; the lunch will be a shared responsibility of all attending. Our purpose is to reconnect, reminisce and celebrate, not replicate our past program formats. Once we have a date for this reunion, we’ll give you as much advance notice as possible.

Meanwhile, have a Happy Halloween, and remember: it’s OK to distribute treats to those costumed young opportunists at your door, but pouring them any of your favorite vintages is ill-advised. Peace.---Rod (for the 4)